About us

Founded in 2008, Amplidata is a highly innovative systems storage solutions company (hardware + software) serving a global client base. Founded by storage experts in 2008 who saw how the emergence of big data would render traditional storage systems obsolete. With their deep storage technology expertise and industry knowledge, Amplidata developed AmpliStor, a true software-defined object storage platform. 

AmpliStor is a breakthrough next-generation storage platform that addresses the limitations of traditional high capacity disk systems such as performance, bit error rates, mean time between failures and RAID rebuild times. These and other areas have not improved sufficiently to keep up with the explosion of big data. Two key patented technologies BitSpread® and BitDynamics® set AmpliStor and current generation Himalaya apart from the competition.

The company enables customers worldwide to deploy the world’s largest storage infrastructures that meet the highest data durability and availability requirements at the lowest possible cost. Storage Solutions including hard- and software have been deployed in market segments such as Biotechnology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Online Applications, Oil & Gas, Surveillance, Security and Government.

The company was founded by Wim De Wispelaere (CTO), Wouter Van Eetvelde (COO), and Kristof De Spiegeleer, veterans from Veritas/Symantec where they spearheaded the development of the NetBackup Puredisk product line, which they originally created at Data Center Technologies (DCT), a pioneer in de-duplication technologies. The team has also created successful technology companies in the Service Provider and Cloud space, with successful exits to major corporations such as Sun Microsystems, Terremark and Symantec.

Named a "Cool Storage Company" in 2012, Amplidata was acquired by HGST in 2015. HGST is a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of Western Digital Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC). HGST sets the pace for storage innovation and is helping the world harness the power of data.

Amplidata's European headquarters is located in Gent, Belgium. 

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