Junior Software Engineer Petabyte Cloud Storage (C/C++/Go/Java)

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Engineering software for Exabyte-enabled Big Data Cloud Systems of tomorrow… in Ghent!

Company: Amplidata / Western Digital

Sector: Big Data & Cloud Storage
Products: ActiveScale P100 and X100 object storage systems
Location: Ghent, Belgium & San José, USA

Reading this can dramatically change your future…

  • Do you want to be part of the Engineering team of Western Digital, with a development center in Belgium, Ghent?
  • Do you want to work on their latest Object Storage systems that delivers storage capacity up to 52 PetaByte?
  • Do you want to write COMPLEX software for the ActiveScale Product line?

3 times yes? Then we might have a match.

We are looking for an engineer who wants to take his (or her) career to the next level by learning from some of the worlds brightest storage experts and contribute to a revolutionizing product. When you want to (learn to) write software with a focus on Enterprise Quality, Performance, Scalability and Robustness, Amplidata/Western Digital is the place to be.

    A unique engineering job

    At Amplidata you combine:

    • Passion and Flexibility
    • Challenge and Collegiality

    And… you get a very extensive salary package.

    Work together with the top-class engineers in ICT and Storage and live in a world of congenial minds.

    Position Responsibilities

    • Take Product Management's input on new features and product enhancements and translate this into well tested and well architected implementations.
    • Work on extending the customer facing Storage API, different storage compliance features, Disaster Recovery options and tuning for better performance and scalability.
    • Through our Agile development process drive features from demos to production ready code through several iterations.
    • Assist our Customer Support team with troubleshooting issues and optimizing Customers' setups
    • Create well documented code which is quality assured by unit, component and integration testing code which are run through our Continuous Integration Environments in order to avoid any regression and give you instant feedback on what you've written.
    • Iterate on improving design and functionality and get the liberty and opportunity to step outside the beaten path on our quarterly hackatons.
    • Whatever you create, as long as it's created from the perspective of our Customers,  you'll create value and get their appreciation for it.


    Required Skillset

    • Master in computer science or equivalent through experience
    • Interested in programming production level software in OO C++ 14 / Python and/or Go(lang)
    • Passion for software engineering tools and frameworks souch as Boost ASIO, Python 2.7, bash, GCC, Valgrind, GDB, Jenkins, …
    • Basic knowledge of administration & troubleshooting of Linux Ubuntu

    Skills considered a plus

    • Interested in implementing algorithms for concurrency, threadsafety and memory management
    • Some understyanding of Amazon's AWS S3 API, SDK's & tools
    • Some understanding of Cloud and Enterprise storage concepts and products
    • Some understanding of scaling concepts (sharding, KV stores)


    • You enjoy working with other people and delivering features as a team. When the team is at risk of missing out on its commitment, you'll help out even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone.
    • You're familiar with getting open feedback from your peers through code review and pair programming
    • You’re used to working in a team with clear coding guidelines and high standards for code.
    • You enjoy working with people from other cultures and timezones
    • You like working in an environment that appreciates humor, fun and off-work activities.


    Belgium, Gent, Ghelamco Arena
    Only open for applicants with an EU worker permit.

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