Senior Software Engineer in Exabyte Cloud Computing (C++)

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Building the Big Data cloud technology  of tomorrow… in Ghent!

Company: Amplidata / HGST 
Sector: Big Data & Cloud Storage
Products: AmpliStor Exabyte Storage
Location: Ghent, Belgium & San José, USA

Reading this can dramatically change your future…

Amplidata/HGST is the sole European company that builds the Big Data cloud storage of tomorrow. Our customers are the largest Telcos, datacenter providers and governments in the world. With our technology they manage and unlock Petabytes and very soon Exabytes of data: Hollywood movies, genetic data from billions of species, music archives from the best performers all over the world, surveillance videos and so much more… As a passionate Software Engineer you don’t have to move to the USA, we bring the USA to Ghent!

A unique engineering job

At Amplidata you combine:

  • Passion and Flexibility
  • Challenge and Collegiality

And… you get a very extensive salary package.

Work together with the top-class engineers in ICT and Storage and live in a world of congenial minds.

What’s in it for you?

Working at Amplidata means that you will be working in a team with seasoned and passionate experts in their respective domains. As a team, we eat complex challenges for lunch, like building a high-performance Exabyte Storage System that makes datacenters worldwide ‘CloudStorage-ready’.

We offer you a high-tech playground to explore all facets of ICT: from software analysis, design and ‘from scratch’ development to extensive quality testing and engineering of new software components. As a software engineer you will be reporting to the Chief Architect.

You are the key of success for Amplidata. That’s why you will get a very attractive remuneration: fixed salary (75th percentile), a decent company car, a complete insurance package, meal vouchers, a GSM and an Internet subscription.

Amplidata saves no energy and time to take you and your knowledge to the next level. We complete the package with peer-programming, on-the-job coaching and enough time for research.

In return we expect 100% commitment to your job, in which you proactively dive in the secrets of our technology.

Oh by the way, our office hours are flexible. One day a week you can work from home, you have the freedom to plan your own workday, and with our gym membership you can do some workouts during lunch breaks!

Your (possible) career at Amplidata

  • You not only produce excellent code, but you also have to keep an eye on our products and how our customers will use them.
  • You start with the design of new and innovative software components, then develop and engineer them and execute unit tests. You provide input to the Quality Engineering Team, which is responsible for the integration and performance tests.
  • After 3 to 6 months we like to know your first work experience, what you like the most in your job, your integration in the team, if you need extra training and what you will be working on in the coming months. Amplidata does this to make you feel comfortable and to give your integration process a huge boost.
  • After 1 to 3 years, you can evolve into an “expert” software engineer in your domain, lead an offshore team or get involved in the world of testing and quality engineering.

What we expect from you

  • Software development is not just a job like any other job; it must be a passion for you. Besides the daily job, you have one or more ‘ICT pet projects’; you have at least 4 to 5 years relevant experience in a Linux, C++ and Object-Oriented design and development environment.
  • You like to regularly explore new technologies.
  • You have a Master degree in ICT and/or Electronics.
  • You have proven proficiency in operating systems, file systems, networks, databases and multi-threaded programming in Unix/Linux environments.

Are you the software engineer who wants to join our team to “make” history in ICT?

Send us your mobile number or send your LinkedIn profile. We look forward to meet you!

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