SMB server and Windows filesystem POC

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Western Digital & ActiveScale

As an intern/trainee you’ll be working in the Belgian software R&D team of Western Digital Corporation (formerly known as Amplidata), based in Ghent (@Ghelamco Arena). This team of storage software experts is working on producing releases of the ActiveScale Storage System. This team has lots of good ideas for prototypes, product & process improvements they want to see battle-tested. As WDC sees the value and the quality of engineering education, they’d like to get a couple of passionate interns on board who want to learn about distributed storage software, how contemporary multi-person development is done and how working in our team feels like. See this internship as a unique opportunity for you to feel the vibe in a local and global company. If you like it and we like you…. We might have a great journey ahead of us.

SMB server and Windows filesystem POC

ActiveScale is an object storage system that has many advantages over traditional filesystem approaches: Exabyte scale, high data durability, self maintenance, etc. Still, many users require file protocols such as NFS and SMB to give native applications access to the same data sets. NFS access is being implemented through an fslib library that offers posix filesystem calls on active scale. The goal of this internship is to integrate the fslib library in the linux SAMBA server to expose data over the SMB protocol to MS Windows clients.

You will:

  • Build a proof of concept SAMBA server with integrated fslib.

  • Build an SMB client tester to validate end-to- end compatibility with SMB 2.1, 3.0, 3.0.2, 3.1.1 clients

  • Identify potential scalability and/or consistency issues in the proof of concept implementation.

  • As stretch goal, you build a poc installable filesystem for MS Windows using the dokan user mode file system library for Windows.


Samba (C, Python), Dokan (C, C++, C#), Fuse (C), Linux, Windows

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