Software Development Engineer in Testing (Python)

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About Amplidata / HGST

Amplidata delivers a high availability alternative to RAID that allows companies to build multi-petabyte scale storage systems that are more reliable and more energy efficient.

Amplidata replaces RAID at the bottom layer and provides unseen levels of availability at a fraction of the cost. The Amplidata technology can be integrated as one or multiple highly available disks in your application or legacy storage environment where currently raid volumes would be used as storage targets. Using the Amplidata disk technology will make your storage environment 10,000 times more reliable while consuming significantly less raw disk capacity and power.

As on of the leading storage companies in the world, HGST / Western Digital puts a heavy focus on software quality and reliability.

Job Relevance

To deliver on the promise of unyielding quality, Amplidata is looking to continuously improve its product quality. We believe that software quality is an essential building block of the software. As an SDET Engineer you will support this effort from within the development teams by creating and developing automated component tests, and assisting with the integration tests.

Job Description

  • You are a member of the development team of a component and you actively contribute to the delivery of that component
  • You create automated component and integration tests using the Amplidata testing framework and methodology (python based)
  • The functionality to be tested primarily consists of HTTP REST cloud protocols (S3, ...) and other network protocols.
  • Where your fellow team members try to create the functionality, you try to break it. As a team, you deliver a hardened, almost bug-free component
  • You understand the internals of the component. This allows you to think inside the white box
  • You report to the team lead of the component and you have a dotted line to the Quality Manager (who assures that your efforts lead to the desired quality)
  • You are assigned to this component for at least 6 months. When your component has reached a certain level of maturity or when the component transitions into a new phase, you can rotate to a new component or another test role.

Job Tasks

The daily job is to develop and maintain structured test suites:

  • Well-structured Features, Scenario's and Steps
  • Design and implementation of the BDD test framework and tooling in Python
  • Some limited bash scripting and Jenkins job maintenance
  • Analysis of results and filing of any detected issues.

We use a BDD test framework very much like Cucumber, with the Gherkin language, and with steps implemented in Python.

    Job Profile

    Required Knowledge and Experience

    • Master in software development or equivalent
    • Software development methodologies
    • Experience using Version Control Systems At least 3 years experience in software development but showing the desire to break the product rather than to create (an essential and valued testing skill)

    Skills Considered a Plus

    • Experience in automated testing
    • Linux
    • Git
    • Python, Python test libraries
    • Network storage solutions (SAN, NFS, …)
    • Server Hardware
    • TCP/IP Networking


    • Passionate about software quality
    • Detail oriented
    • Able and willing to work in an environment that offers a high degree of freedom, demands initiative, and expects responsibility
    • Able to cope with the requirements of a startup environment. High change pace, rethinking existing processes and technologies
    • Able to work in a multicultural, multi-site context


    • Belgium – Ghent
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