Carl D’Halluin

Architect & Team Leader

Together we deliver top quality. I’m the teamlead of the R&D department, and looking for new Cloud Storage engineers.

As only European provider of Big Data Storage technology, you get the opportunity to build an ingenious software solution from the ground up. This kind of technology is most of the time developed in the United States, but we have the feeling that Amplidata is creating something unique. This gives us a huge boost. Everybody is a helping hand and we learn from each other. Problems are tackled as a team and that’s why we produce top-class solutions. All this can happen because we work with the best people in this domain.

I’m truly proud of the Amplidata solutions. Our technology is always available, is highly scalable and last but not least it is ecological. Watching an online movie? Backing up of your smartphone in the cloud? Well, that would be impossible without the use of the Amplidata technology!

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