Mark Christiaens

Cloud Storage Software Engineer

We are Building the exabyte storagecloud of the future!

I joined Amplidata two years ago and what attracted me was the complexity and the never-ending search for innovation. My colleagues are top-class engineers in the storage world. We all have one goal, to build the exabyte storagecloud of the future.

I like that I can plan my working day to my own needs, the only thing that counts is the result. This is absolutely no boring 9 to 5 job. Another advantage is its in our own region, no more traffic jams and in some cases you can even work from home. Working in your pajamas… just lovely.

You go where no one else has gone before, and you get the freedom to develop yourself.  This is very important. In  my previous jobs, the ‘new’ became too soon common. At Amplidata you come across innovation and challenge in real life every day!”

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